No Kai Productions event is complete without a cosplay competition! Continue reading to find out more about our rules, regulations, and judging criteria.


  • Registration Deadline: 7:00 P.M. Saturday, April 04, 2020.

  • Eligibility: The cosplay competition is open to any competitor entering a costume that has been sourced from works of fiction. Both Western and Eastern sources are eligible to enter!

  • Registrants will appear in the contest in order of registration.


  • Participants must sign an Entry Form. Entry forms will be available online.

  • Interested participants must sign up at the Registration/Info Booth before the registration deadline.

  • Contestants are suggested to submit an electronic image of their source material with their application.

  • We highly suggest that any specific background music contestants want to utilize for their performance is saved on their phone or on a USB. No music dependent on third-party streaming services will be accepted. Kai Production staff will not be held responsible to find specific background music requests for contestants.

  • No messy substances that might ruin the costume of another contestant will be allowed. If you are wearing body paint or make-up, please make sure it will not come off in casual contact with others.

  • Please remember that we are all here to have fun. Please enjoy yourselves and refrain from doing things that may ruin other attendee’s rights to have a good, safe, and enjoyable time. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave the premises.

Judging Criteria

Judging will be based on a stage performance, where contestants will present themselves in front of the judges and a live audience. Cosplay Contest contestants will be judged on the categories described below. The winner and subsequent runner-ups will be announced based on the judges' deliberation from all categories.



      • The performance (includes but is not limited to: dance, song, or pose) that the contestant presents utilizing their cosplay costume.


      • How detailed or accurate to the actual source material of the costume based on a picture of the source material.


      • A bonus will be awarded based on how much of the cosplay is crafted.



  • 1st Place: $100 cash prize

  • 2nd Place: $50 cash prize

Additional prize packages may be announced prior to the Cosplay Competition.


anime trivia league

Test your anime trivia and your friendships with this team event! The Anime Trivia League promises to be a fun and challenging event for the most knowledgable anime fans. Continue reading for the rules of the game. If you and your friends got what it takes, click the button to sign up!


  • Each team must have 3 members. Teams may pre-register online at prior to the event day.

  • No cell phones or other mobile devices allowed during the game. Any team member caught with such devices will automatically disqualify the entire team.

  • Each team gets 30 seconds to answer a question.

  • If a team fails to answer a question within the allotted time or gives an incorrect answer, the opposing team gets a chance to answer.

  • Each team will have a MONSTER REBORN card. If neither team answers the question, you will be given a chance to answer by using the MONSTER REBORN card.

  • No outside help from the crowd or a friend is allowed. Any team seen speaking or attempting to communicate verbally or non-verbally with anyone outside their team members will automatically forfeit the question to the opposing team.

  • In the event of a tie, a “Sudden Death Match” will commence. Teams must select one member to represent them. Each team will have 10 seconds to answer. If you fail to answer a question within the allotted time or gives an incorrect answer, the opposing side gets a chance to answer.

  • In a “Sudden Death Match” scenario, you are not allowed to refer to your team members. Any team caught assisting, yelling out the answer, or nonverbally trying to communicate with their chosen Sudden Death Match member will forfeit the question to the opponent.



The Winning Team will receive a cash prize of $75.00 ($25.00 per team member).





Tournaments are tentative as of February 16, 2020.
1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Information to be announced at a later date. Please email for any pressing comments and/or concerns


Tournaments are tentative as of February 16, 2020

Planned Trading Card Tournaments:

  1. Weiss Schwarz TCG

  2. Final Fantasy TCG

Information to be announced at a later date. Please email for any pressing comments and/or concerns