Interested in covering ROAD TO RECON 2020 for your news organization or blog? Click on the button below to fill out our PRESS BADGE APPLICATION!



  • Media outlet must be at least one year old by the time of ROAD TO RECON 2020 (April 4, 2020).

  • Press members may be freelance, or representatives of major media outlets.

  • Application must be submitted no later than March 27, 2020.


  • Complimentary admission to ROAD TO RECON 2020

  • Complimentary seating in event areas.

  • Interviews with Kai Production staff.



  • If chosen, must be able to provide relevant coverage from other events as requested. 

  • Kai Productions is tagged on any photos or video clips taken during ROAD TO RECON 2020 that appear on the media outlet's social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

  • Media outlets use the hashtag #RTRecon2020 when posting any photos or video clips through social media platforms.

  • Kai Productions reserves the right to use any photos or videos taken.

  • All media must be in good nature, and if filming or photographing minors, please seek parental consent first. 

  • Each press badge application will be reviewed by Kai Productions staff. Press badge recipients will receive notice within a week before the event. 

  • Should a press badge recipient not be able to attend the event, or would need to pass the badge to another member of the organization, please contact Kai Productions staff immediately. Point of contact listed below.

  • Proper identification (i.e. outlet badge, Guam driver's license or valid identification card) which shows both a photo and full name of the press badge recipient will be asked upon retrieving press badge at the ROAD TO RECON 2020 Registration/Information booth. 

  • Should you have any questions, kindly address all inquiries to Leonard at



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