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ANIME CHALLENGE BOWL Team Registration Now Open!

Are you and your squad anime gurus? Want to test your anime knowledge? Sign up for the #RTRECON2019 ANIME CHALLENGE BOWL! Eight 3-person squads will duke it out in rounds, challenging each other to score the most correct answers during the ANIME CHALLENGE BOWL. Register your team now to secure your spot in our lineup. The winning team will take home medals, prizes, and bragging rights. Are you and your team ready for the challenge?

Click the link to register!

Want to learn more about the rules and regulations? Click here to learn more.

We're just saying...this would be the go-to list to check out...

  1. Yu-Gi-Oh

  2. Pokemon

  3. Dragon Ball

  4. School Rumble

  5. Natsu no Arashi!

  6. Ninja Nonsense

  7. Kokoro Connect

  8. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

  9. School Days

  10. Shimoneta

  11. Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!!

  12. Goblin Slayer

  13. Clannad

  14. Darling in the Fraxx

  15. Those Who Hunt Elves

  16. Urusei Yatsura

  17. Ah! My Goddess

  18. FLCL

  19. Is this a Zombie?

  20. Love is Hard for Otaku

  21. Kombayashi Dragon Maid

  22. Baccano!

  23. Devil is a Part-Timer

  24. Sailor Moon

-- Bianca

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